Doe-N-Estrus urine is known to be the most productive during the Rut but has been proven to be just as effective during the Pre and Post Rut..

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  • Young Buck

Young Buck: is collected from a individual Buck between the ages of 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 . Young Buck urine is one of the best kept secrets to lures and can also be used all season but is best used during the prerut and rut that is when young bucks are at the most threat to dominate bucks and will make most bucks investigate the source of the scent.Young buck urine is non invasive to both sex's and can be used as a great cover scent when applied to boots. As a deer lure apply to scrapes and drags and a double drag system with Doe-N-Estrus urine in the first drag and Young Buck in the second to give the illusion of a young stud seeking love.This is enough to get any other territorial bucks up and searching for the intruder. This urine paired with our 2oz spray mist bottles is an extremely effective way to lure in that Buck.

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Young Buck

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