Doe-N-Estrus urine is known to be the most productive during the Rut but has been proven to be just as effective during the Pre and Post Rut..

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  • Fresh Earth Lotion

Fresh Earth Cover Scent Lotion: is a Great new way to keep your scent under control and keep your skin feeling great, no more walking to your stand and spraying your exposed skin down with the sticky stuff simply apply the desired amount to your hands and face and blend in to your surroundings. Cover Scent Lotion isdesigned to Help Eliminate your human scent and keep it controled for hours. When your body warms up scent molucules are released in the air warning any deer in the area that your there with the Cover Scent Lotion it actually stays on the skin and gets stronger as your bodys thermals are being realeased, not like the liquids that actualy soak into your skin much like a sponge.These 4oz lotions are available in Fresh Earth, Pine and Acorn. This Lotion has Vitamin A , D and E it also contains Glycerin, Aloe Vera, and Almond oil. These ingredients, along with others, not only leave the skin feeling great, but they are also beneficial for the skin. In addition the lotion is not greasy, sticky, or oily. The smooth consistency of our lotion will provide you with a moisture-rich feeling that will last and keep your scent in check...

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Fresh Earth Lotion

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